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The Exo-Design company begins its activity with a young team that is not afraid of challenges and expands its knowledge and skills every day related to the offer presented on the website. Let us explain a few important issues that will affect your assessment and approach to the topic of website design

How to create a website that will make your business grow?

One of the most important stages is the purpose of its creation. A lot of people who come with the intention of building a website for their company do not know what to follow. The website can’t just be pretty, it has to be transparent to the potential customer! If we start to overlay too much content, clog the page with unnecessary animations and windows, then it gets a lot of mess and the customer starts to get lost. In addition, adding imprecise articles, excess of complex graphics, long page loading … It all affects the customer experience! That is why it is worth creating a website that would clearly and clearly represent the company.

Your webpage tasks:
  • it should be transparent and intuitive for the client
  • properly represent the company with content
  • enable efficient communication with the customer on the website and by e-mail

Why is it worth investing in CMS website building technologies?

If you already have a company website, but it is static and each change is associated with the search for a programmer, if your website causes inconvenience in the form of looking for a responsible person who will have access to the server data, and each introduced even the smallest change generates unnecessary costs, then it is worth investing in website building technology for CMS. At the customer’s request, during the design process, our company provides individual instructions in PDF format, which will show how to easily make changes in the administration panel, while eliminating the costs associated with modifying the content of the page, and even a backup of the database and website! This will allow you to be completely independent and save time. This is certainly the most important thing for you!

Why is it so important to provide all the materials and expectations for the website or graphic design?

Ordering precision is one of the most important parts of a project. It will allow you to precisely define the area of work of the graphic designer during the preparation of the company’s logo, which, with possible corrections, does not increase the costs and does not extend the work. The next step is to make a page layout, so agreeing on the menu structure, the number of subpages and the content that will be displayed on each of them. All these factors greatly help in building a clean website.